Why STEM++? What’s the ++?

We mean two things. We want a dramatic increase the number of underrepresented students continuing along STEM paths from preK through college. We are also trying to say that it will take a bigger view of STEM to get there.  So STEM+ empathy and change making. STEM+entrepreneurship and innovation. STEM+arts.

For a good overview of the STEM problem space, see our recent article on Medium.
What’s happened already?

In May 2015, we gathered 70 people from 30 different schools and organizations around the Bay Area at Google headquarters to talk though these ideas. If you want to see some of the slides from that event, they are here:


At the 2015 STEM++ conference, people came from around the Bay Area, across the country, and from at least four other countries to  learn how expanded approaches to STEM can increase the number and diversity of students who persist and succeed along STEM paths. Participants explored why STEM and empathy belong together, and how they connect. They saw STEM in combination with arts and creativity; with entrepreneurship and changemaking.

Currently, we’re growing the work to involve more schools and educators. Look for information about planning meetings in the Bay Area and on the East Coast shortly. Or reach out by email with any questions and ideas to info [at] makeknowledge.org.